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Managing Products in Transition

International Business Development 

Europe to North America to Asia

We specialize in International Business Development and Sales Channel Management. We are active partners who bring the skills, focus and determination required to make your products successful.

We don’t write research reports; instead we actively sell your product by visiting customers and setting up local sales channels in your target markets.

Our highly personalized approach emphasizes Planning & Financials, Business Engagement, and Data Driven Management.
Product Planning & Financials 

The Product Plan defines the Strategy

The Product Plan rigorously evaluates the position of your products in the targeted markets. This deceptively simple document, developed with the key players on your team, can usually be completed within days. This includes a thorough review of the product financials, competitive benchmarking, realistic forecasts and the expectations that define success.

Business Engagement 

Business Engagement Drives Revenues

SIGA Management Group takes a hands-on approach to implementing the Product Plan. Business engagement is focused on the execution of time-phased action plans that meet agreed upon targets, and building sustainable, working relationships with the key players in your sales network. A key metric at this point is “customer contacts” ensuring that the product gets inside the customers “decision making curve”.

Data Driven Management 

Forces Action and Results Based on Facts

Through Data Driven Management, SIGA Management Group builds the foundation for long term success. Developing and tracking “war room” metrics provides market & operations feedback and forces actions and results. Data Driven Management puts in place a culture that ensures the entire sales team is focused on value creation.