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Managing Products in Transition

International Business Development 

Europe to North America to Asia

Rules We Live By

- Cash is the Metric (EBITDA) 
- Increase Customer Contacts
- Plan for Success
- Business Engagement Drives Revenues 
- Make Decisions Based on Facts
- Agile, not Rigid: Focus & Focus
- Market Knowledge Drives Competitive
- Measure, Measure, Measure

What We Look For

Products we seek typically come from Germany, Benelux, Scandinavian or US companies and possess a combination of the following characteristics:

- Business to Business
- Automotive, Oil & Gas,
   Electronics or Industrial Markets
- Financially Capable
- Motivated Management

Our business is value creation

At SIGA Management Group, we don’t simply write research reports, instead we actively develop your global markets by re-invigorating your current sales channels, installing new sales channels and visiting customers in your target markets. 

We are an active partner who brings the people, skills, focus and determination required to make your products financially successful in international markets. 

We increase sales and guide investment in new markets, innovative products and technologies – regardless of the business cycle or where products are manufactured or sold. 


  • New Product Launches
  • Sales channel re-alignments
  • New Business Development
  • International Contract Negotiations
  • Sales Team Reorganizations
  • Export Sales